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About me

I am a film producer, director  and scriptwriter – I like to create stories.



I’d like to introduce my two projects: Mysterious Upper Orava and The Mountain 


Mysterious Upper Orava

This document was created from 2018 to 2020. A series of articles about Slovakia, which I published in the journal Vitalita, served as a suggestion.

Their aim is to show Slovakia in a different light than classical travelogues do. The documentary is emotionally colored and accompanied by original music by Andrej Majerčík.


The first part is called Mysterious Upper Orava. We will set out to the surroundings of the Orava dam. We will visit one of the oldest wooden churches in Slovakia, one of the few reversal railways in the world, the extraordinary hill Babia Hora and of course the  HighTatras.





The uniqueness of the document is also created by the stories of local people as well as legends…

For more photos click here.



The Mountain

After almost one year, the screenplay is approaching the final. The film Mountain will be about Tom – a ghost who once committed suicide. He comes to the earth to atone for his guilt. But he can only do this by helping a girl – Kattie, who wants to kill herself.






Can Tom convince Katie who doesn’t see him about her existence? Is there any way at all to help a person depressed? Does Lucian, a mysterious man who has too much influence on a young woman, twart Thomas effort?

Tom and Kattie solve the problem by escaping to the mountains and that is the strength of this film. The amazing surroundings of Liptov directly record the mystical drama.


The spiritual and psychological dimension of the film has the ambition to help people with similar problems, which has Katka. We are currently looking for a co-producer for film production.